about us




Yamakiwa gallery is a ‘habitable’ art space based on a traditional Japanese house, deep in the mountain region of Niigata, Japan.
How can art exist alongside the Japanese way of life, which has largely changed through modern times?
The House, which the Gallery is located in, has 90 years of rich history, deeply connected with the local customs, community and nature. The house embodies those external elements, in its material, structure and style.
The art work presented in the gallery is created by Artists in Residence, inspired by the building and the environment.

As a visitor of Yamakiwa, you will have the unique experience of being absorbed into both the art and the lifestyle by having the opportunity to spend the night in the Gallery and eating the local food served by local residents.

We welcome international artists to apply for the artists in residence. Meanwhile if you are looking for a retreat, you will encounter a different way of life and an eclectic mix of locals, visitors and artists in residence.
Yamakiwa means ‘edge of the mountain’. The gallery is an investigation into forms of art that shares the same ground with life, through continuous mixing of the artists journey with the history, the culture of the gallery’s space and surroundings.