about us


1. リラックスして楽しむ

2. 普通のコミュニティにおけるアートやアーティストの意味を考える

3. アーティストを育てる

4. 自然と向き合う暮らし方を学ぶ

5. 受け継ぐものと変化するもののバランスを考える

Yamakiwa Gallery and Art Hotel is an independent art space set in a traditional Japanese farmer’s house in rural mountains in Niigata, Japan.
We offer residency programs for artists to stay, create and present artworks. We also collaborate with other institutions in Japan and around the world to support further development of our resident artists. Besides artists, we also welcome other visitors. They can stay over at the hotel inside the gallery to have an intimate experience with art and life of the village and region.
All the activities at Yamakiwa Gallery are supported by local residents who enjoy hosting artists and visitors around the world. We bring visitors and the local community together through artistic and cultural activities.

Our aims behind these activities are to:
1. Have fun and Relax
First thing first! Keep things fun and playful and make life more enjoyable in the stunning Kamiebiike village.

2. Explore the meaning of art and artists in ordinary communities
Art is not a necessity for life like food or clothes. It, however, helps us appreciate the beauty of life better and hence keeps us healthy as we stay in touch with ourselves. One of the things that art makes us think is the meaning of the necessity and unnecessity.

3. Nurture artists
An artwork which everyone agrees on its great value is usually based on the viewpoint from the past. We think emerging artists are important for us to stay contemporary, keep questioning and hence ultimately innovate.

4. Learn about the local life and how life can harmonise with the nature
The nature has a direct impact on the local life, for example, the heavy snowfall in the winter will lead to the future harvest of rice. Here you can learn how the local residents have beautifully live with the nature throughout these years. Human and the Nature do stand a chance to get along with each other well.

5. Explore the balance between preservation and modernisation
The population of the village is declining due to the impact of the modernisation. Villagers may need to update some parts of their lives so to meet challenges from the modern society. Information and viewpoints brought by guests around the world, i.e. you(!), is important for the village to innovate and hence its sustainability.