Zehra Arslan

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Robin von Einsiedel

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福島ゆり Yuri Fukushima


Interested in people’s behaviour, who live in a given environment. Especially in capturing a moment when the formless gets a form, or the form gets deformed.

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飯沢康輔 Kosuke Iizawa


Animals don't have written history. They inherit ancestral blood and are just alive. But an extensive memory of a survival is also left within them. This is their present form itself. Our history simply comes from that.

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石橋征子 Motoko Ishibashi

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池ヶ谷 侑 Yu Ikegaya


He is a photographer living in Tokyo while works at a Japanese stationery brand as an oversea sales manager. His work deals with depicting a narrative of architecture, space and nature in Japan.

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井口 香奈子 Kanako Inokuchi

異なる思考、文化が 交じり合う場において

Her work features the ambiguous border between known and unknown elements where different thoughts and culture meet. Encountering the trace of history by chance and with her tactile impression she encompasses sculpture, site-specific installation, photography, film and drawing.

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平山真澄 Masumi Hirayama


I'm interested in the potential of our body such as the natural healing power. I would like to continue the activities to evoke it from people.

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Mikyung Son


She believes what cannot be seen does not necessarily mean it does not exist. She is fascinated in finding in-between space by providing imaginative links between seemingly irrelevant matters. Her main interest in making work is searching for the inner mind towards these ideas.

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滝朝子 Asako Taki

のびてしまった筋に刺激を与え、収縮させる。固められた地をがりがりとひっかいて小山をつくる。激しい水の流れの奥にある忘れられた穴に手を届かせる。 そこをひっぺがしたり、つなげたり、まわりをうろうろしたりして、空間を変えてみる。

Gives stimulations to make a loose muscle contract. Makes small heap by scratching solid ground. Touches a forgotten hole behind strong water flow. I tear off, put together and hang around them to change the space.

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外丸治 Osamu Tomaru


The core of my making is about capturing of feeling which solidly rises through my body, even in the world of unstable values.

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山田沙奈恵 Sanae Yamada


When you are looking at something, you are by yourself. I believe that using your own body for perception of matters is connected to building up your "self".
I make my work because this is one of my approaches for the reality that is beyond my reach.

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